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Get to Know Michael Borenstein

Michael Borenstein, LCMHC

For this week’s blog, we would like to introduce you to Michael Borenstein.  You may have seen him in the office, read about him on our newsletter, seen him on our website, or he might be your therapist.  We hope by reading about him, you can get to know him better and meet the person he is outside his role as a therapist.   

How do you manage pain so well.
After just having knee surgery, I have been in more pain than expected. Leading up to surgery I have been in pain for a couple of months. I manage it by trying to keep a positive mindset. There are times that the pain prevents me from doing things I would like to do but I have found modification’s and I made adjustments to my lifestyle that is allowing me to get back to 100% without any pain.

There have been a lot of changes for you in the past six months, what has been harder than you thought and what has surprised you. 
I think balancing my schedule has been the hardest. With getting married, traveling, having surgery, and other life events I have been extremely busy. But being busy is good. It allows me to have something to look forward to. I enjoy going places and experiencing new things. What has surprised me the most from the past couple of months is that wedding planning was not as bad as I thought. Something that is also surprising is my recovery for my knee surgery is going slower then expected, but that is okay because I know I will soon be back at 100%.

Why did you move from the DC area.
We moved here for the cost of living and work. There were more work opportunities for my wife as well as myself within the counseling field.

What are you looking forward to over the next year.
The next year I am looking forward to being fully settled in my new home, new travel opportunities, and expanding my counseling skillset through trainings.

How do you not become your family and friends therapist?
It isn’t easy to be honest at times, but I am supportive just as much as everyone else would be. I do recommend people to therapists when I see it is needed.

What is your favorite form of self-care and why?
My favorite form of self care is going to the beach, going for walks, hanging out with my wife and Charlotte my dog, and explore new things of the city from restaurants, activities, and breweries.

How did you know you wanted to be in this profession?
I have always enjoyed helping others with their issues growing up. People have always come to me for support and help, and I knew that was my calling. When I was at Rutgers in 2010, I saw Eric Legrand play football and saw it live when he got paralyzed from the neck down. Seeing his positive attitude to this day helped inspire me that I want to help others when they are faced with adversity.

How do you balance your professional and your personal life?
At first this was not easy, but I keep my work at work and when I come home I do not do anything work related unless there is an emergency. When I get home I disconnect and enjoy my time with Stephanie and Charlotte.

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