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Know what’s in your control

During this pandemic, we have been faced with the reality that much is out of our control.   How can we become okay with accepting what we have the power to change over what we do not?

This diagram is one I use frequently to remind clients of things outside the realm of control.  Asking yourself,  “Is this within my control?” can  help relieve certain anxieties, fears and worries. Attempting to control external variables can result in feelings of weakness or powerlessness.Things I can control

Okay, so what do I do when I realize this is something I do not have power over?  You accept the facts. Acceptance is the next step after acknowledging how you feel. Instead of seeing ourselves as victims or our situation as negative, acceptance makes us feel empowered about the things we can do.  Acceptance is not easy, but there are things that you can do to help get you to that point: journaling, creating a voice memo to talk things out, speaking with your therapist or a friend, and/or doing something physical (such as exercise).

 Remember, the first step is acknowledgement and next step is acceptance.  

This blog was written by Sade Massiah, LCMHCA

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