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Financial Therapy for a Better Life

What is financial therapy?

If you’re struggling with your finances, you’re not alone. Money problems can be a source of stress and anxiety, and can take a toll on your mental health. If you’re having issues making ends meet or getting out of debt, seeking professional help can be a good idea. 

Financial therapy is a new and emerging field that is gaining popularity and attention in the mental health community. This type of therapy focuses on the intersection of money and mental health, and aims to help people heal their relationship with money. There is a growing body of research that suggests that our relationship with money can have a profound impact on our mental health. For example, studies have shown that people who are stressed about money are more likely to experience anxiety and depression. Money can also be a major source of conflict in relationships. Financial therapy can help people to understand and change their relationship with money as well as, help people set financial goals, manage their money in a healthy way, and reduce stress around money.  

If you’re considering seeking therapy for financial help, here are a few things to keep in mind: 

  1. You don’t have to be in dire straits to benefit from financial therapy. If you’re struggling with your finances, even if you’re not in a crisis, financial therapy can help you get on track. 
  2. Financial therapy is not the same as financial planning. A financial therapist can help you understand and manage your emotions around money, whereas a financial planner will focus on your finances and money management. 
  3. Financial therapy is confidential. What you discuss in therapy will not be shared with your spouse, partner, or anyone else unless you give permission. 
  4. Financial therapy can be expensive. However, many therapists offer sliding scale fees or payment plans, so be sure to ask about cost before you begin therapy. If you’re struggling with your finances, seeking financial therapy can be a helpful step in getting your life back on track.

Financial struggles can be overwhelming and depressing and seeking therapy can be a helpful way to manage your stress and anxiety. Therapists can provide support and guidance as you develop a plan to get your finances in order.  In addition, therapy can help you explore the root causes of your financial difficulties, which can help you make lasting changes in your relationship with money. 

If you believe you are struggling and could benefit from therapy, please reach out to one of our therapists or make an appointment.