Company Culture

Company Culture

At L&B Counseling, our company values are centered around “developing a process to become your best self”.  We encourage this through many different ways – happy hours, community service, team outings, and more.  

Recent Events

Team NAMI Walk
Pet Palooza
Matching Snuggies
Supporting Our Schools
Team Building 2022
Team Building 2023
Charlotte FC Table
Mini Golf
Summer 2023 Team Bonding
Fall Team Bonding
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At L&B Counseling, we prioritize the well-being of our team as much as we do for our clients.

As mental health professionals, our primary responsibility is to support our clients, empathetically listen to their challenging narratives, and facilitate their paths to healing, ensuring we navigate this process without absorbing the emotional toll it can exact. At L&B Counseling, we are deeply committed to creating a vibrant and nurturing work atmosphere that actively replenishes our clinicians. This initiative is inspired by the principle that “one cannot pour from an empty cup,” emphasizing the importance of self-care and resilience among therapists to prevent burnout and foster a culture of wellness and positivity. 

To reinforce this commitment, L&B Counseling has appointed a dedicated People & Wellness Director. This role is instrumental in cultivating our company’s culture, focusing on organizing activities and events that not only provide enjoyment but also strategically enhance team cohesion, trust, mutual support, and bonding. Our initiatives are designed to create a welcoming and engaging atmosphere where every clinician feels valued, connected, and energized. This approach ensures that our team can thrive both in their professional and personal lives.

We invite you to learn what makes L&B Counseling special by hearing straight from our team. Their stories and experiences really shine a light on the unique, caring culture we’ve built together.