Proven Process

Here is what you can expect from start to finish with L & B Counseling’s Proven Process.

Initial Contact

  • Call back within the day, unless you call after hours
  • Are we a good fit? We will determine if our practice is the best place for you
  • Explain the L & B Counseling Way

Beginning (1-3 sessions)

  • Assessment (explain what to expect during the first session)
  • Measure the Baseline of emotions & symptoms (Frequency, Intensity, Duration)
  • Create your “heart” baseline (how much of your heart is covered in specific feelings and thoughts)
  • Teach process used to fight irrational emotions
  • Identify methods and tools to help with emotions outside of therapy.  Client will get a take-home, pocket size tool sheet.


  • Reevaluate fit (is this still best practice for you)
  • Evaluate progress (Frequency, Intensity, Duration) by comparing it to your baseline. 
  • Utilize therapist’s tools to enhance teaching and reinforce principles


  • Maintenance
  • Refer out if needed
  • Met every three to four weeks
  • Plan for discharge by talking about it
  • Create goals for post therapy
  • Provide the critical number that helps the person understand their baseline (Frequency, Intensity, Duration)

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