What Makes Us Unique?

Breaking The Stigma Of Counseling


Our unique approach to therapy

We are flexible.  Meet us in the office,  at the park for a walk, on the basketball court, for a game of battleship or create a work of art with your therapist.

We have found that by being out in nature or engaging in other activities, therapy is more successful.

Our people

Our therapists have been hand picked to ensure each one has that special “easy to be around” personality.  We understand many people are skeptical or uneasy coming into therapy and we recognize not everyone wants to be here.  However, our people make all the difference when it comes to overcoming these barriers, making treatment quicker and more successful.

Identifying a good fit

We know what we are good at and what we are not.  We specialize in anxiety, depression, defiance, and ADHD.  If we think you or your child would benefit more at another practice, we will be upfront before the first appointment & we will let you know.

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