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Love Language

The 5 Love Languages

In honor of Love Month, let’s talk about love languages. As a therapist, I am frequently discussing stress associated to relational issues, whether it is romantic or familial. I have found that having this information – what love language you are – can truly benefit how you relate to others you care about and also how you express what you need. Conflict is often caused by whether or not our expectations or needs are being met. Having your partners’ or child’s love language can better help you clearly communicate clearly your needs. Below are the love languages, a brief summary of each, and where you can go to take the test.

  1. Quality Time: This person loves to have your undivided attention when hanging out. Nothing says you love them more than when you carve out the time in your schedule for them!
  2. Physical Touch: This person loves touch! Sit close to this person, hug them and or hold their hands and they will fee absolutely appreciated.
  3. Receiving Gifts: This person loves receiving gifts – exactly what it says. They love when you make them a unique gift or take the time to shop for something for them.
  4. Acts of Service: This person enjoys tasks being done for them – laundry, cook dinner, help them with homework are amongst the things that will show your love for them.
  5. Words of Affirmation: This person needs you to say, “I love you,” “I’m proud of you,” and for you to tell them how amazing you feel they are.

After reading through these different love languages, you may find yourself saying that you fit into all of them! However, one or two are usually more prominent than the others.

So, this February, make it a family activity, where you and your family take the test to see what you are!

Written by: Sade Massiah