Men's Mental Health

Supporting Men’s Mental Health  Men’s mental health is often overlooked. Though there are exceptions, men often keep to themselves about their mental health issues and may even ignore serious warning signs about their mental health. Men deserve to have the same support and acknowledgement about their well-being as women do. To support men’s mental health, it is important […]

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Gratitude and Finding Joy

Practicing gratitude and the effect it has on our mental health Practicing gratitude can bring immense changes to your overall happiness and health. 2020 has packed a powerful to punch to some of us. As this year comes to a close, take a few minutes and look back to recognize the good that this year […]

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Smart Phone

The Smartphone…

Do you ever sit in a room minding your own business, and suddenly you feel or hear your smartphone vibrating, only to look at your phone and see nothing appear on your screen? Thomas Kersting describes this in his book Disconnected, as the phantom vibration syndrome where smartphones are making us hallucinate where we feel […]

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Team Photo

Joe Davis Run for Recovery

Joe Davis passed away at the age of 28 from addiction. His personal motto, as told by his sister Melissa Davis Boyd,  “Hope…never lose this” was recently commemorated during the annual Joe Davis Run for Recovery. After Joe’s passing, Melissa began distance running as a way to cope with the loss of her brother. To […]

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