The Therapy Experience

“How long is therapy?” is one of the top three questions that many clients have.  L & B Counseling  has a Proven Process that we follow for all clients.  This proven process incorporates our Brand Promise. This brand promise states that within 11 sessions you will see a positive change in your symptoms.

It is important to note that diagnosis and severity of symptoms do have a bearing on the timeline for improvement. If a process is developed in the beginning to become your best self, your goals can be achieved within a reasonable time. 

After making your initial appointment, you will receive an email inviting you to set up your client portal.  Within your client portal you will be able to fill out all intake paperwork along with a standard questionnaire of what brings you or your child to counseling and what are your goals at this time for therapy.

At your first appointment, your therapist will meet you in the waiting room at the scheduled start time. Whether you are an adult seeking therapy for yourself or a child/teenager accompanied with a caregiver, everyone will come back together for a brief introduction and we will explain the L&B Way.  If you are a caregiver, we will have you return to the waiting room to give the therapist and the child/teen about 20 minutes to talk.  When that is complete, we will bring the caregiver back to discuss any concerns and we will conclude with everyone together.