The Therapy Experience

Breaking The Stigma Of Counseling

How long is therapy is one of our top three questions that we get.  L & B Counseling has found over the years that if someone buys into the Proven Process we can make a Brand Promise of within 11 sessions you will see a difference in your symptoms.

 L&B Counseling tracks three data points for metrics.  We want to know the frequency, duration, and intensity of symptoms each time you come into the session.  It will be one of the first things you do at the beginning of the session.  This allows the therapist and client/caregiver to have good objective information about how goals are progressing.  At any point in time if you are unsure about how you are doing, or if things have stalled, please speak to your therapist so it can be addressed.  Diagnosis and severity of symptoms do have a bearing on the timeline for improvement but we feel strongly that if a process is developed in the beginning to become your best self your goals can be achieved within a reasonable time. 

If you are wondering what to expect at the first appointment we outlined what most sessions look like at an hour long. Your therapist will meet you in the waiting room at the scheduled start time. Whether you are an adult seeking therapy for yourself or a child/teenager accompanied with a caregiver, everyone will come back together at the start of the appointment. The process will be explained so everyone will understand what to expect. This introduction will take about five minutes. After the introduction the caregiver will leave the room to complete the paperwork on the iPad and the first twenty to thirty minutes will be spent with child/teenager. If you are an adult the full hour will be spent in office with the last five minutes used to complete paperwork. After twenty or thirty minutes the child/teenager will swap places with the caregiver and the therapist will spend the remainder of the time with the caregiver covering various clinical topics.

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