Presentations & Webinars

Presentations and Webinars

At L&B Counseling, we are committed to fostering mental health awareness and promoting well-being through our diverse range of presentations. Our selection includes topics such as Anxiety, Technology, ADHD vs Inattentiveness, Burnout & Stress, and Trauma. Each presentation is designed to inform, inspire, and empower individuals, families, and communities with invaluable insights into the complexities of mental health.

By attending one of our presentations, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the challenges that come with these mental health issues, and discover how to create a supportive and inclusive environment for those affected. 

Presentations can be in-person or virtual (zoom). If there is a topic below that you would like to hear more about or to schedule a presentation within your school, church or organization, please contact Kelly Goldschmidt at

Looking to enrich your school or organization with valuable insights on mental health? Explore our past presentations listed below!  Stay tuned for the next topic to be announced. If you would like one of our therapists to present at your school, church, office, or other organization, inquire here.

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