Breaking The Stigma Of Counseling


Why go see a doctor?

Have you ever found yourself saying, “I’m healthy, why go see a doctor? I don’t need to go to the doctor. I can get through this myself.  If I’m really sick, then I will make an

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5 Love Languages

Love Language

In honor of Love Month, let’s talk about love languages. As a therapist, I am frequently discussing stress associated to relational issues, whether it is romantic or familial. I have found that having this information –

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2020 New Year

New Year, New Me

It is a new year, so that means it is going to be a new me.  I remember saying this each year to myself.  A new me meant setting up New Year’s resolutions.  However, looking back,

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Grief over the holidays

Grief Over The Holidays

Two years ago, right before the holidays, my grandpa passed away. His passing was sudden and unexpected. Although, I was never close to my grandpa, I learned that somehow, his death affected me more than I

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Gratitude and Thankfulness

There has been much research done surrounding the use of gratitude and thankfulness as a means to increase happiness and overall satisfaction in your life. As we quickly approach the holiday season where giving thanks is

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Career & Motherhood

As a mother of three, I, like many other women in the workforce that have children, struggle to balance the demand of my career and motherhood. Often times, you are left feeling overwhelmed, stretched thin or

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Smart Phone

The Smartphone…

Do you ever sit in a room minding your own business, and suddenly you feel or hear your smartphone vibrating, only to look at your phone and see nothing appear on your screen? Thomas Kersting describes

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