Career & Motherhood

As a mother of three, I, like many other women in the workforce that have children, struggle to balance the demand of my career and motherhood. Often times, you are left feeling overwhelmed, stretched thin or

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Smart Phone

The Smartphone…

Do you ever sit in a room minding your own business, and suddenly you feel or hear your smartphone vibrating, only to look at your phone and see nothing appear on your screen? Thomas Kersting describes

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Minority Mental Health Month

Minority Mental Health Awareness Month

July is Minority Mental Health Awareness Month.  This month was dedicated to bring awareness of the many unique struggles minority groups face in regards to mental health. As a therapist at L&B Counseling and striving to

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Team Photo

Joe Davis Run for Recovery

Joe Davis passed away at the age of 28 from addiction. His personal motto, as told by his sister Melissa Davis Boyd,  “Hope…never lose this” was recently commemorated during the annual Joe Davis Run for Recovery.

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Cancer survivor

Ten Years Ago…

Imagine for a moment, it is a normal day, and you are on your way to a doctor’s appointment for your yearly physical.  It is going to be just another day and this appointment won’t take

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