Let’s Talk about Telehealth

Our worlds have turned upside down since the start of the pandemic, and the stay-at-home order was put in place back in late March/early April.  This brought on many changes to the lifestyle of our clients, as well as our therapists.  Being that we are considered essential workers, we’ve had the opportunity to still see […]

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Covid-19 and Grief

Trent Morrow talks about today’s world in regards to Covid-19 and Grief. There is a lot of grief today.   We see (in our practice) a lot of grief around schools being cancelled, events, things we were looking forward to, people losing their jobs and their sense of purpose.  There is a lot of sadness with […]

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Sade Massiah

Get to Know Sade Massiah

As part of Minority Mental Health Awareness Month, we would like to take a moment and introduce you to Sade. You may have seen her in the office, read about her on our newsletters or social media, or as of recently, joined her live for one of her art webinars.  We hope that by reading […]

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Get to Know Michael Borenstein

For this week’s blog, we would like to introduce you to Michael Borenstein.  You may have seen him in the office, read about him on our newsletter, seen him on our website, or he might be your therapist.  We hope by reading about him, you can get to know him better and meet the person […]

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Trent Morrow

Get to Know Trent Morrow

We would like to introduce you to the owner of L & B Counseling, Trent Morrow.  You might have seen him in the office, on our webpage, or as of recently on our social media pages. For some of you, he might have been, or is your therapist, or your child’s therapist.  So we thought, […]

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Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental Health Awareness Month

With May being Mental Health Awareness Month, I feel it is only fitting to discuss the significance of mental health during such a stressful time like the one we’ve had over the last couple of months. This worldwide pandemic has changed things for so many and disrupted our normalcy in a plethora of ways. People […]

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Stay At Home Order – Coronavirus

The coronavirus…are two words we hear so often everywhere we turn these past few weeks. We can’t escape it, and yet we are all living through it together.  Many of us feel anxious and scared, and at the same time we find ourselves grieving.  As therapists, we are here for anyone who needs us.  We […]

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Why go see a doctor?

Have you ever found yourself saying, “I’m healthy, why go see a doctor? I don’t need to go to the doctor. I can get through this myself.  If I’m really sick, then I will make an appointment. So why go see a doctor?” At some point or another, we have all heard these words.  No […]

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5 Love Languages

Love Language

In honor of Love Month, let’s talk about love languages. As a therapist, I am frequently discussing stress associated to relational issues, whether it is romantic or familial. I have found that having this information – what love language you are – can truly benefit how you relate to others you care about and also […]

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2020 New Year

New Year, New Me

It is a new year, so that means it is going to be a new me.  I remember saying this each year to myself.  A new me meant setting up New Year’s resolutions.  However, looking back, that saying never stuck well with me.  I’d set New Year’s resolutions, only to learn that I couldn’t keep […]

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