Core Values

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How are we breaking the stigma of counseling? It is our three core values that we use in our practice everyday.

 Our core values allow us to engage more effectively with our clients. We strive to:

  • Think Outside the Box
  • Provide Warm Welcoming Care
  • Develop a Process to Become Your Best Self
Think Outside the Box

Our therapists take a different approach to counseling.   We engage & break down barriers through virtual or in person activities that both the client and therapist can do together.  Our success is found “outside the box”  while 

  • Walking through nature
  • Fishing at the local pond
  • Creating a work of art
  • Playing a board game
  • Shooting hoops

Studies show being in nature and exercise releases endorphins (those feel good hormones) and most of our clients, especially teens and children, have an easier time opening up.  

Provide Warm Welcoming Care 

Our priority is to treat everyone with respect and care and to be prompt for all appointments.  We make it a point to return all calls within the business day, or if after hours, the next business day.  If we believe our approach isn’t a good fit for your situation, we will let you know before the first appointment. 
Develop a process to become your best self
Our goal is to make sure all our clients feel confident and comfortable! We are here to help you become the hero.  We will be there to cheer you on and remind you of all your accomplishments, big and small.

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